Well this is the start of something very very new for me! I’m not willing to pay for a blog at this point so this will have to do , and you will have to bare with me.

It turns out my honest and real take on parenting has caught some attention. I’ve had numerous people compliment me on my parenting style and my relate-able spin on life… To start with i thought that this was an absolutely ridiculous idea, because i am just an ordinary Kiwi mum trying to make it through everyday… just like anybody else, but i decided to give it a go anyway.

I think what i am the most shocked about is the fact that people these days are too scared to show their trues selves, especially when it comes to parenting. Unfortunately in our day and age everyone can see everyone, and everyone feels they have a right to an opinion on everyone.. and this makes parents hide. No one wants to admit that they are not ok, because ol Betsy down the road might tell Judith that you are not coping and god forbid we have a bitching circle about your inability to raise your children because you cried 3 days ago for 10 mins when Charlie spilt the milk… no one wants to admit that they just had to put little Billy in the corner for 20 minutes because hes been ripping the wallpaper and urinating in the dvd player. All because for some strange reason punishments and consequences have ultimately become cruelty and how dare we treat our children with such disrespect??? Mind you, these same ridiculous “whingers” are usually the same ones complaining that our generation of kids have zero respect for their elders, or any other person for that matter…. hmm i wonder why.

You know, hundreds of years ago ( that’s probably a little extreme, maybe 50+ years ago ) communities used to raise children together, Mothers were always taking meals to new mothers or other families, and always helped with each others kids. Mothers of the past knew they were in this together, they supported each other, lifted each other and encouraged each other. Whats happened to us? Our new generation of mothers pick each other apart, we critique each others parenting style, we do not support each other and we are out for ourselves. Actually i cant speak for everyone, i have some super amazing supportive friends. But i think its what you see online, and what you hear in groups. We are proud parents and in today’s society with all of this social networking and technology we have the means to share our proud moments and joyous occasions.. only they aren’t always met with positive comments or reactions.. and that right there is what we need to stop. Parenting is hard enough as it is, we never know if we are making the right decisions, and half the time we don’t know what to do until we have made the wrong decision and are able to learn from it. With every action comes a reaction, and unless you are the person that has made the action.. keep your negative reaction to yourself.

I would love to see a world where people learn from each other, guide each other, and understand its ok to make mistakes. But unfortunately i don’t think we will ever see that, but while i am on this earth i can definitely try and set a good example for my children of how to treat others.  I’m telling you now , i am going to do things you don’t like… because i’m “that” parent, i punish my kids, i make fun of them, and they have consequences… we are FAR from PC , and we are honest. So if you don’t believe in real life and respecting others your journey with me stops here.

SO in saying that, I am actually excited to get this thing rolling! in my contacts section you can message me and let me know if there is any topics you would like me to touch on if you want my views! Or you can also find me on Facebook at @realwife87 and Instagram @real_wife_real_life  but for now, i will share my thoughts, actions, reviews and views on here.

Smile, Be kind, respect each other, and have a good week.

Krystine ” lets hope this does’nt turn to shit” Nation

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